Victims in coma, on ventilator, from ‘assault by security forces’

Victims in coma, on ventilator, from ‘assault by security forces’
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By Ubeer Naqushbandi  
Srinagar: Many of the injured admitted to hospitals during the current anti-India uprising have been listed in hospital records as victims of “assault by security forces”. Two among them are Mohammad Ramzan Gojri, 45, from Nuthnussa in Kupwara and Bhat Fayaz, 27m from Bonarah in Pulwama. The marks of beatings on their bodies tell of the barbaric and ruthless assault they have suffered at the hands of government troops.
Ramzan’s brother-in-law Afaq said that Ramzan was beaten when he went out to search for his two children who had gone to participate in a procession. “It was Friday. At midday, clashes erupted when forces didn’t allow the procession to move forward. The troops caught hold of Ramazan and beat him up,” Afaq said.
Ramzan was in a half-dead state when he was spotted by locals, said Afaq. “We rushed to the spot, only to find Ramzan lying on earth. There was blood oozing out from his nose, ears and mouth. We immediately took him to SKIMS Soura.”

Victims in coma, on ventilator, from ‘assault by security forces’
For the past twenty days, Afaq said, there had been no improvement in Ramzan’s condition. “Even his speech is not understandable. He suddenly gets up, then shivers and the next moment slumps down,” Afaq said.
Some beds away from Ramzan, Fayaz is lying unconscious on a bed. “He is being fed through a pipe,” said his cousin Javaid.
On August 10, Javaid said, Fayaz had gone to offer Asr (evening) prayers at the Jamia Masjid in Bonarah, Pulwama. “After finishing prayers, when Fayaz came out of the masjid, troops in vehicles passed through the area. They stopped to catch hold of Fayaz, then beat him with gun butts and iron batons. After half an hour, troops left the area, leaving Fayaz bruised. His head was bleeding and we took him to SKIMS.”
Medical Superintendent of SKIMS Soura, Dr Farooq, said of the condition of the two patients: “Ramzan was brought to SKIMS in a state of coma with low Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS), the measure of a person’s neurological condition. He has improved but he is not yet well. He has an infection at present.
“Fayaz was also a case of trauma. He had brain contusion (bruised brain vessels). He was operated on and was on ventilator for some time. Currently he is off the ventilator, so we can say his condition has improved,” the medical officer said.
When asked about patients of “assault by security forces” treated at SKIMS, Dr Farooq refused to give details. Official records of the hospital list 53 such patients till August 26 at SKIMS.

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