Stop summoning lawmakers to army camps, police stations: MLA

Stop summoning lawmakers to army camps, police stations: MLA
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Jammu: PDP legislator from Chadoora constituency Javed Mustafa Mir said on Tuesday that the police department has become a “hub of corruption”.
“There is a department in police meant for controlling corruption but unfortunately it has been change into the department of corruption,” he told the assembly during a discussion on grants for relief and rehabilitation.
He also expressed outrage over army and police calling legislators for meetings to army camps and police stations.
He said army and police should respect legislators and stop summoning them for meetings.
“Last time I received a call from army asking me to meet them, probably because they had been unhappy over what I had said about them. But I did paid no heed to them,” he said.
“Who are they to summon me. Let them come to my house if they need to talk. I am not scared of RAW and other agencies,” he added.
He said corruption in revenue department is “linked with police and a share (of bribes) reaches to the army as well.”
He said that he has respect for “their uniform” but they “too should understand that a legislator is an authority”.
“My remarks are not meant to insult them but to rectify their mistakes wherever they are wrong,” he said.

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