Voting PDP means endorsing 2016 killings, say NC leaders

Voting PDP means endorsing 2016 killings, say NC leaders
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Srinagar: Senior National Conference (NC) leader and former minister Abdul Rahim Rather on Monday said that vote to PDP in upcoming by-polls will amount to endorsing 2016 blinding, maiming and killing of innocent boys and girls in the Valley, as also approval to extension of fascist ideology in Jammu and Kashmir
“These elections are going to be watershed moment in the turbulent history of Kashmir, as the people will get an opportunity to either discard or embrace those, who have betrayed Kashmiris from time to time in different guises”, Rather said while speaking at various election meetings in Chrar-e-Sharief Assembly segment, according to a party statement. He recounted numerous instances of betrayal perpetrated by the PDP leadership in different avtaars and said that it came to power in 2015 with those it vehemently opposed during 2014 electioneering. He said those betraying the mandate can’t be trusted again. The PDP will have to explain to people why it became instrumental in bringing BJP and RSS into Kashmir, he added.
According to statement, another NC leader Mian Altaf said that while the PDP was enjoying loaves of power with BJP, the young people were falling to bullets in every street and square.  “The insensitive PDP leaders, instead of feeling remorse over making young boys and girls fodder for pellet guns, mocked at their helplessness rather than making the security forces accountable,” he said.
“For five turbulent months, the PDP completely took over the command of trigger happy forces that let loose reign of terror on innocent Kashmiris”, he said, adding that the trauma is unending as the people, irrespective of their age, are pushed behind the bars on false charges.
The NC General Secretary Ali Mohammed Sagar accused PDP-BJP dispensation for creating deep wedge between the regions and people belonging to various religions as per their political exigencies. “While the BJP is pursuing its larger Hindutava agenda, the PDP is becoming a willing facilitator in terms of targeting innocent Kashmiris to appease New Delhi” Mr Sagar said while addressing workers at various places across the Srinagar city along with senior party leaders.

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