Cornea transplant surgery starts at SMHS hospital

Cornea transplant surgery starts at SMHS hospital
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SRINAGAR: Shri Maharaja Hari Singh (SMHS) hospital in Srinagar installed the facility for a free-of-cost cornea transplant surgery on Friday. The surgery costs Rs 3.5 lakh at private hospitals in the valley.
Specialists say that pellet victims can now be operated in the hospital. Last year, the victims whose cornea was torn apart by a pellets were asked to get the treatment in private sector.
The surgery has been adopted in SMHS hospital more than a century after it was first successfully performed in 1905 at Olomouc Eye Clinic in Czech Republic. The ophthalmology department at SMHS, established in 1864, performs complex surgeries like vitrectomy (removal of vitreous humor) and lasers. Cornea transplant surgery is the latest addition to the specialized treatment the hospital offers.
“With the installation of this facility, we have made the distinction to carry out all complex surgeries approved by the medial science in this hospital. It will be available on routines basis, free of cost,” Head of Department Ophthalmology, Dr Tariq Qureshi, told Kashmir Reader.
On Friday, Dr Tariq said, first three patients were operated upon by specialists – Dr Shahnawaz, Dr Aliya and Dr Umer. The patients, he said, had shown signs of eye sight recovery.
Zoona, one of the three patients, is able to see after the surgery. Her daughter, Haseena told Kashmir Reader that Zoona had first shown some sensation in eye last year, after which she was put on medication by doctors.
“But she lost eyesight afterwards. Doctors told us that she has to be operated upon and we were looking for options available. Then last month we were told that the surgery will be done in the hospital. Now we are happy that our mother can see,” Haseena said.
Dr Tariq said that the cornea transplant surgery will be successful among those patients whose retina, the place of image formation, and optic nerve that carries the signal to the brain, is intact.
It took nearly three years for the Jammu and Kashmir Government to approve the facility in the hospital when its requirements were only space, specialists and a machine that costs Rs 3.5 crore.


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