Seminary students admitted to hospital after food poisoning

Seminary students admitted to hospital after food poisoning
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Pinjora (Shopian): Some 42 students of an Islamic seminary were admitted to a hospital in Shopian after complaining of food poisoning.
The students are said to have consumed Tahri, – yellow rice prepared traditionally for distributing among people – brought to the seminary by a local resident.
After the students complained of dizziness and diarrhoea, the administration removed them to Shopian hospital where they are recovering now.
More than 160 students are studying different courses in the seminary.
A source from the seminary told Kashmir Reader that people often bring cooked rice mixed with meat to the seminary, “but today there was something in food by which students complained about pain, dizziness, and diarrhoea and we shifted them to hospital.”
Medical superintendent Shopian hospital, Dr Nazir Ahmad told Kashmir Reader that all the 42 students were under observation.
“They were food poisoned and after treatment they are stable and recovering fast,” he said.

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