Srinagar Museum now boasts catalogue of ancient coins

Srinagar Museum now boasts catalogue of ancient coins
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Srinagar: The department of archives has catalogued thousands of ancient coins at Sri Pratap Singh Museum to generate interest among the visitors interested in the heritage and its understanding with perspective.
The museum boasts a collection of 70,000 coins painstakingly collected through excavations, explorations and from the personal possession of heritage enthusiasts.
The cataloging has been done to offset the issue of paucity of space. The catalogue has enabled the museum authorities to showcase all coins in their possession. The documentation not only facilities visitor to look at the coins but they also will be able to know their detailed history.
Director Archives, Archaeology and Museums Mohammad Shafi Zahid said that the department cannot display 70000 coins in museum and this led to frame a catalog. “The documentation will also help scholars in a larger context to conduct their research. There is every detail of the coins. The process of making catalog of coins has been started and we have ready catalog of 30,000 coins in the Museum,” he said.
He said the coins belong to various eras and help the visitors to peep through the history. “The coins in the Museum belong to the eras of Ghayasuddin Tughluq, Hussain Shah, Shahjahan, Shuja-ul-Mulk Shah, Ayub Shah, Ahmad Shah, Aurangzeb Alamgir, Yaqub Shah, Alauddin Muhammad Khaliji, Zain-ul-Abedin, Nasiruddin, Farukh Sayyar, Taimur Shah, Ibharim Shah, Himayun, Mohammad Shah, Shah Zaman, Dileep Singh etc,” he said.
The department recently told the state high court that catalog of coins has been prepared and would be put on display.



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