Unclean water leading to diseases in Budgam villages

Unclean water leading to diseases in Budgam villages
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Budgam: The residents Ultigam and several far flung villages in Budgam are demanding clean drinking water supply and asking the government to install water aupply plants for their villages.
“We are forced to make do with unclean water,” says Abdul Rahman Bhat, resident of Utligam.
Bhat laments the deplorable condition of his area, where clean drinking water is scarce and “waterborne diseases are becoming increasingly common”.
The unavailability of water plant in the area is forcing the people to get water from the bore wells or streams.
The water is ridden with many pollutants, resulting in the spread of chronic diseases among residents, especially among children.
Medical Superintendent District Hospital Budgam, Dr Deeba told Kashmir Reader that that water scarcity and rise in water borne diseases were directly proportional.
“Scarcity of clean potable water has resulted in several waterborne diseases,” she said. “And eventually leads to the death of infected persons”.
In areas where water is not provided through well designed water plants, a doctor said, the incidence of diseases like dysentery, typhoid, diarrhea and gastro is high.
“Villages should be provided with clean water to avoid the outbreak of diseases,” he said.
Local residents claim that while a plant has been installed in the area but local officials were not maintaining and looking after it properly.
The villagers from Utligam, Mamgund, Kangripora, Ranipora says that the water scheme of Utligam has been closed in 90’s however, no alternative has been made since then.
The pipelines are corroded or non-existent.
“Our demand is simple, we want clean water,” they said.
AEE Public Health Engineering Sub Division Beerwah Mushtaq Ahmad told Reader that the water supply scheme was old and unable to catering the whole area.
“We have another scheme in process namely Mulchella-Ranipora scheme. We are trying to end the woes of people,” he said.
He added that the department was short of 6 inch pipelines for which they have invited tenders.
“The hurdle is the meager funding from the central sponsored schemes,” Ahmad says.
The area falls in the constituency of former chief minister Omar Abdullah, who could not be reached despite repeated attempts.


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